Since 2005, Chinua White has created music, pixel art and character design for video game projects under the pseudonym BLK MKT. He uses a Nintendo 3DS and KORG M01d to make music for games and now needs to raise funds to make a tutorial series that will teach how to compose, arrange, record and loop music. The tutorials will be aimed to educate school aged children to make their own music, and give them skills they need to make full, rich music in any app.

Chinua’s campaign is just another excellent example of how crowdfunding is helping bring creative ideas to life. We spoke with Chinua on how he’s working towards reaching his goal on FundRazr, advice for others and how he is reaching his already established online community of support.

Watch Chinua’s video pitch below.

Can you tell us more about what you’re raising money for?

“I’m raising money to teach my school age students to compose music with the Nintendo 3DS. I intend to teach my students with a 3DS I project to the class television and the KORG M01D and DSN-12 apps as they follow along on their own 3DSs. The videos I make for YouTube would be made as reference material for the students to reinforce what I teach them personally. [click to continue...]


People are often wondering how to get maximum exposure for their crowdfunding campaign using Facebook. We have spoken before on how social sharing is crucial if you want to get maximum reach for your crowdfunding efforts. This article will focus on the importance of the Facebook Status Update in order to crowdfund successfully.

FundRazr user Lisa Mazzotta says that a crowdfunding campaign:

“Is not something you can leave and expect to generate any sort of success with just putting your campaign up there. Great, you have made a video, great you have filled out the synopsis of what you’re doing but unless you include all the important elements and then work on it every day, you won’t see any traction with it.”

Facebook Status Update

Why should I post a Facebook Status Update?

Once you create a crowdfunding campaign, and include all the important elements, you want to start raising money. In order to do that you must aim to have a presence on your friends’ News Feed throughout your campaign. A status update allows Facebook users to share their thoughts, news and important information with friends. A status is usually short and gives information without going into too much detail. [click to continue...]


Marmalade the ginger cat is an Internet Celebrity, with a following of over 63K YouTube Subscribers and 23K Facebook Followers. After x-rays showed a mass in Marmalade’s intestines, emergency surgery was needed to remove it. The mass was unfortunately cancerous and Marmalade also tested positive for FIV which is the likely cause of him becoming sick so early in life. To ensure Marmalade will be around for a long time he will need to undergo chemotherapy treatment that will cost up to $12K. Marmalade’s friend (owner) Chris Poole has turned to Marmalades fans to help cover the costs.

Chris has reached out to the fans that have enjoyed Cole & Marmalade videos, appreciate the work he does for cat adoption and have smiled at Marmalade’s silly antics, ‘purr-lease’ give what they can. We spoke to Chris on how he managed to exceed his goal of $12K and get funded from a community of over 400 supporters in just 30 days.

What were you raising money for?

“We originally were raising money to cover the cost of emergency surgery on my cat Marmalade, [click to continue...]


Let’s be honest. Crowdfunding can be a lot of work, but more importantly it has the power to make a creative idea into a reality, give life to new businesses and ultimately change lives.

As FundRazr Success Advisor, I am constantly coaching people on the best practices of crowdfunding. But sometimes tips and tricks are best heard from someone who has successfully made it through a crowdfunding campaign and reached their goal.

I met with producer and crowdfunding success Lisa Mazzotta, of feature documentary RiverBlue, to spill secrets on her experience in using FundRazr to fund the completion of the film. Lisa and her team managed to surpass their goal of $45k, and went beyond receiving contributions from people they know personally to reach a much broader audience.

So, how did they do it? Below are 10 valuable tips that helped RiverBlue build a global online community and raise the money needed to complete their project.

Lisa RiverBlue

1. Plan ahead

Start building a relationship sooner with various organizations that would be interested in your cause or project. Because you can’t stop talking to people. As soon as you stop talking to people, [click to continue...]


Ezra has been going through an aggressive treatment for metastatic stage 4 colon cancer, including months of recovery. He’s gone through numerous rounds of chemo, undergone a liver surgery, and is facing even more chemo. Through all of it, Ezra has maintained a tremendously positive attitude. As a self-employed carpenter jack-of-all-trades, he hasn’t been able to work, therefore savings have dwindled to his final “bank account” of vehicles and tools.

When Ezra had no other option than to sell his motorcycles and camper to pay the bills, his girlfriend Lisa Martin stepped in. She decided to start a crowdfunding campaign on Ezra’s behalf in order to give his friends and family a practical way of supporting him financially.

We spoke with Lisa about Ezra’s crowdfunding journey and learned how they managed to raise over $27k from a community of over 215 individuals.


Why did you decide to turn to crowdfunding?

“Everyone in our community was extremely supportive when Ezra was diagnosed. We received many offers of help (“if there’s anything at all I can do…”), but [click to continue...]


RiverBlue is a feature documentary that uncovers how the fashion industry plays part in destroying our world’s rivers.

The film follows Mark Angelo, internationally-celebrated river conservationist and advocate. As Mark journeys through some of the most pristine to most devastated rivers around the world, he unveils the source of much destruction of these waters; harsh chemical manufacturing processes and the irresponsible disposal of toxic chemical waste.

RiverBlue aims to bring awareness to the destruction of a some of the world’s vital rivers and propel significant change in the textile industry from the top fashion brands that can make a difference. The production team needed to raise the funds in order to edit the film, market it and submit to film festivals. They knew the only way to do this was to involve other individuals and like minded organizations, this meant raising over $48,000.

We met with co producer, Lisa Mazzotta, to discuss highlights from their crowdfunding experience, how to build an online community of people who care about your cause and valuable advice for people who want to raise money by crowdfunding.

[Watch the interview below]

Building a worldwide online community:

“When you have a crowdfunding campaign you have to [click to continue...]


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