Tucker Livingston is an award winning singer, songwriter and guitarist from Austin, Texas. After the success of his first album and traveling the world, he moved to India to study ancient South Indian Carnatic music on a stringed instrument called the Saraswati veena. These studies have had a profound effect on his personal artistry, something that Tucker plans to utilize within the new phase of his career.

In order to continue creating music in India, Tucker needs a new computer to serve as a home recording studio and film editor, to both produce music and edit documentary films, as well as apply for professional funding. Tucker knew it was time to ask his existing fan base for help funding his projects, and in return offered a number of rewards for contributions to his FundRazr campaign. Some of which include a collection of live performance videos, a skype guitar lesson, and access to rare demo recordings (for all of which a new computer is essential).

Tucker Livingston

We spoke with Tucker on how he managed to exceed his goal of $2000 in 30 days, and how FundRazr made it possible for him to reach out to old and new friends. [click to continue...]


We keep helping non-profits and rescues raise money for animals in need and asking for their feedback and fundraising experience to share with other organizations and those who care.

Here is our interview with Judith Langmaid from one of the amazing animal rescues, Last Chance Animal Rescue, who revealed their best practices on how to build an online community of supporters, what are the most effective marketing channels and benefits of using crowdfunding.

Raise money for animals in need_FundRazr

Who is Last Chance Animal Rescue?

Last Chance Animal Rescue is a volunteer based not for profit organization, that is all about giving animals another chance. A chance to escape death in high-kill, rural shelters and find life in loving adoptive homes.

Last Chance Animal Rescue has found homes for more than 6,000 cats and dogs since its founding in 2008. It rescues animals regardless of age, breed or health, and trys to save as many animals by underwriting the cost of relocating them to “NO KILL” facilities and foster homes.

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When fibre artists Nikki Webber and Melissa Nasby, entered a Jim Henson [creator of The Muppet's and Sesame Street] character contest, they received an “Honourable Mention” and a place in the top 10! They knew the character they created, Nym, was special when they were personally invited to New York City to meet the Henson’s and Brian and Wendy Froud! This is an opportunity of a lifetime to show off Nym and have their creativity valued and recognized.

There is one small problem, [click to continue...]


In our childhoods we all had our favorite superheroes. We admired them, dressed like them and pretended to be them. In school we learned that the real heroes were soldiers and army veterans who protected our countries, firefighters, police officers and doctors who saved lives.

Now that we’re adults, we’ve started giving the title “Hero” to those who inspire us, achieve powerful results and are always up for challenges.

Modern-Day Heroes_FundRazr

Who are these modern-day heroes? Are they sports champions who take home the awards, or political figures with their better programs to serve the public, or celebrities who perform for thousands of fans, or technology innovators who introduce new cool gadgets to the public?

While all these professions have an impact on our lives, it feels like we lose the sight of what it really means to be a hero. [click to continue...]


You’ve started your FundRazr to raise money for your cause. Wonder what the next steps to success are?

Spread the word, reach people and connect with them! The best way to do this is using social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube.

Top 2 most popular social media networks are Facebook and Twitter. In order to give your project visibility and engage more people, look at the following tips to use Facebook effectively:

1) Ask Friends & Family To Promote Your Campaign via Facebook

Ask Friends & Family To Promote Your Campaign via Facebook

Ask your family and friends to promote your cause. The more your friends and family share, the larger reach your campaign will have. Send a message, with a link to your campaign, to as many people as you can. Include text in your message that asks people to at least ‘like’ or ‘share’, even if they cannot donate.

2) Create a Facebook Page for your project or cause

Create a FB page_FundRazr

If you want to have a successful fundraiser online, one of the key ingredients is creating a Facebook Page. Not a group, not a profile, but a Page for your cause. It will be your mini website where people can connect with your cause, get regular updates, and see your FundRazr campaign’s progress.

Once you’ve created it, [click to continue...]


Sometimes an organization needs to get creative with its fundraising efforts if it wants to reach its goals. Fundraising has been a challenge for organizations over the last few years, but there have been positive changes as well. Causera reports that total charitable giving from donors has not rebounded from the recession; however, online donations increased by 10.9 percent in 2012. This change has occurred because of changes in fundraising. Oftentimes, the best fundraising ideas come from putting your hobbies to work. Here are a few creative ways to do just that:

Fundraising Putting Your Hobbies to Good Use

Inked for a Cause

A thoroughly modern form of fundraising comes in the form of sponsored tattoo events. Tattoos are no longer a fringe passion—a 2014 Fox News poll found that 20 percent of voters have at least one tattoo, up from 13 percent in 2007. By connecting with several tattoo artists, your non-profit can offer discounted tattoos for a cause.

Although many tattoo shops are more akin to upscale salons, they still battle against negative public perceptions. For this reason, many are [click to continue...]


Today’s Heroes Crowdfund For Their Friend In Need

by Hoda Toloui-Wallace 16 October 2014

Sometimes the people who are in most need of help don’t know who to ask or can’t even bring themselves to reach out for support. That’s where good friends come in. They are a constant support and are there for you whenever you need. This is the case of Zoeann Piasecki, who’s friend suffers from […]

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Two Secrets: Not Your Typical Hollywood Story

by Hoda Toloui-Wallace 14 October 2014

In the coming of age film Two Secrets, Janey faces a day that holds the kind of rejection that could break her spirit and her heart. But it doesn’t. This short film is the story of the beginning of her transformation and is based on a true story about the life of, 27 year old, […]

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Family, Friends and Strangers raise money for Baby Luca!

by Hoda Toloui-Wallace 9 October 2014

In May 2014 the lives of Laura Gennuso and her family were shattered when her 21 month old son Luca suffered a near drowning. Found and pulled out of the water within minutes was given CPR but had no vital signs. Luca was rushed to the local hospital where a team of doctors and nurses […]

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FundRazr Success Story: Aprons for Gloves [VIDEO]

by Hoda Toloui-Wallace 8 October 2014

What does it take to get over 3000 people involved in a charity event and raise almost $400,000 in the process? Aprons for Gloves. Aprons for Gloves Boxing Association is a non-profit organization focused on providing community outreach through the sport of boxing. This Vancouver based organization has provided programs for at-risk women and youth […]

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