There is no such thing as crowdfunding without the crowd. The not so secret key to success is sharing!

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Are you anxiously checking your Facebook to find out whether you’ve got nominated for the Ice Bucket challenge? If not, then you should!

Hundreds of thousands are pouring buckets of ice water over their heads and posting videos of themselves on Facebook. I haven’t been nominated yet, but it looks like a lot of fun. However the Ice Bucket Challenge has its own story and purpose.


A former Boston College Baseball player, Peter Frates, who has ALS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease, challenged his friends and family to dump a bucket of ice water on themselves, film and share it over social media to spread the word about this disease. The Ice Bucket Challenge went viral with great support of Peter`s friends, friends of friends, coverages on several national news websites, attention and participation of celebrities and business executives like Justin Timberlake and Bill Gates, and millions of social media philanthropists every day.

All you`ve got to choose from is either accept the challenge within 24 hours or donate $100 to the ALS Association. (Many do both).

Here is how the Ice Bucket Challenge works:

  1. Someone makes a video of you dousing yourself with ice water
  2. Challenge a few friends to do the same within 24 hours
  3. If they refuse to do it, they have to donate to the ALS Association
  4. If they accept the challenge they can still donate and will have a video to show on social media

According to the ALS Association, as of August 20th, they have raised $31,5 million since July 29th compared to $1.9 million during the same period last year. Some have criticized the campaign for the little impact on the cause because of the fun part, saying that people should just donate to the non-profit.

But, honestly, the ALS wouldn`t raise such a high level of awareness without these videos of people throwing ice water on themselves. This is such a powerful example of social media connecting people for a good cause with having a bit of fun!

In Peter`s video, he said:

“The story right now goes: You’ve got ALS, have it for a little while, a long while, but either way, the end is always the same. ALS always wins. So in order to rewrite the end of it, we need to raise awareness, money.”

So. Take initiative. Create your challenge in order to help your favorite charity.

Raise awareness and money using social media.

Whether you’re raising funds for your pet, business or humanitarian organization, the key to grabbing peoples attention is telling a compelling story! Your crowdfunding campaign pitch is your first point of contact with potential supporters, so it’s crucial to plan and include all the elements that make a compelling story.

Follow this infographic for tips and tricks on the Who, What, When, Where, Why & How of crowdfunding.

Share it, pin it, print it, but whatever you do … use it.

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Cancer Survivor raises money to publish his book
Bayan Azizi is a true survivor. At the age of nine he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and given just three months to live. Fifteen years later Bayan has beaten the odds and written a book in order to share his inspiring story with others. Upon hearing of FundRazr Bayan decided it was the best way to help cover the costs of self publishing his book. As a reward in exchange for a contribution, Bayan offered the option to pre order a copy of his book.

In just 60 days Bayan was able to exceed his goal and raise over $10,500! After exceeding his goal, Bayan announced that any surplus funds will be donated to the Oncology Department at the British Columbia Children’s Hospital for pediatric research.

So, how did he do it?

Follow the steps to success in Bayan’s FundRazr journey:

A Creative Start:

“I was trying to find a way of raising funds to help cover the costs to publish my book and was thinking about starting a campaign on Kickstarter, but then found out about FundRazr through a close family member. I didn’t have to worry about getting approval for my campaign, I could just start it right away. The platform was very easy to use. I could view my campaign and send thank you notes to all of my supporters with just a click of a button.”

Bayan used compelling images to break up his story, and a family member offered to create an engaging video that would tell his story and make it easier to share. The 2 minute video featured a simple slideshow of images and used voice over to tell Bayans story. It even featured an excerpt from Bayans book, this was a great way to give people a taste of what is to come.

Once the campaign pitch was created using all the key features, Bayan began sharing it with family and friends by using their Facebook and email networks. This initial step in building social equity allowed his campaign to gain over 45 supporters in the first 2 weeks!

The 65% Lull:

Bayan FundRazr Contributor Analytics

Like many campaigns, Bayan’s experienced a lull when it reached 65% of its goal. By then he had about 50 contributors and the campaign had been shared extensively on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus by his community of support. To move passed this lull and reach his goal he used FundRazr’s Update Feature on a weekly basis to keep his supporters engaged. Bayan did this by thanking supporters, sharing progress on his book and asking them to keep sharing.

“Most of the individuals who donated to my campaign were close family and friends, but they must have shared my story with their friends, [because] I received donations from other individuals who may have been interested in my book.”

Bayan FundRazr Update

Building a Community:

Bayan kept his supporters updated, and regularly asked them to follow and share his story. By doing this he was able to sell 65 copies of his book and build an online community of support around his project.

“Reaching and even exceeding my FundRazr goal has been a great experience. Not only for giving me more confidence to publish my book but most important it has made me realize how many people sincerely and truly wanted to be part of my journey. I am very honored and grateful to have witnessed the power of unity.”

Click Here to check out Bayan’s campaign or even pre-order a copy of his book.

Volunteering abroad can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of a lifetime. At first sight, you might find the fees to apply for these volunteer abroad programs a bit overwhelming! While you are already looking to give up months of your time and energy, you are also expected to cover travel costs, accommodation, and the additional administrative expenses of the program. Don’t let this get you down if you don’t have enough money. You could totally make it by raising money for your volunteer trip.

Hot to raise money for a volunteer trip abroad

Crowdfunding is a great way to make your dreams a reality. Here are 7 tips to help you successfully raise funds for a volunteer trip:

#1 Share your reason for volunteering

You have decided to go on a volunteer trip for a reason. Maybe you would like to help an orphanage, build a school in a developing country, or help a non-profit make a difference for those in need. Everyone has a unique and engaging story behind their volunteer trip. So, the first thing you might want to do is to share a reason of what you are going to volunteer for and why it matters to you. Tell your family and friends what your goal for the trip is and how their donations will help you achieve it.

Tip: Tell a visual story by sharing images and videos of your volunteer plan, where you are going and what are your trip details. It’s a well-known fact that our brain uses our face as a source for collecting information and believability. That’s why even a video of you telling your story on a cellphone will do the trick! On our crowdfunding platform, campaigns with a video on average double their donations.

#2 Create a personal blog or website

You can easily create a website or personal blog for your fundraising purpose as well as for sharing your photos and posts about your experiences. Quora, Blogger, WordPress, Weebly – a lot of free blog hosting sites are available that let you create a free blog. Having your own blog or website will help you share your story and reach more people who are interested in your cause and will be able to support you financially. First impressions do matter and you want people to believe that they are helping a real person and giving their money to a worthwhile cause. It is an impressive way to get new supporters involved in your volunteer program. Therefore, if you truly wish to spread the word about your volunteer trip abroad, start blogging today.

Tip: You can run a full fundraising campaign on your blog with FundRazr. The platform allows you to embed a campaign’s widget on your website, so people can donate and interact with your cause without leaving your site. Moreover, you will be able to regularly update your donors with news and results of your trip.

#3 Create an online fundraising campaign

The Internet has made the world a collaborative place where people get together for a variety of reasons, one of which is to make the world a better place to live in. So you’ve got a great chance to impress people with your volunteer program and intentions. There are a lot of crowdfunding platforms for philanthropic causes. Choose from those that have social media integration to get your cause maximum visibility. Check out FundRazr that was designed for fundraising on Facebook. You will reach your friends, friends of friends and beyond. The result? You will raise more money.

It’s easy to start! Tell your story in words and images, share it over your social media channels and ask your friends and family for help.

#4 Bring your friends and family into play

Most of us are lucky enough to have family and friends who love and support us. Share your fundraising efforts with them. Show them that you are serious about your volunteering to convince them to participate in your trip plans. Make a list of 10 friends and family members who will be interested in your mission and results of your volunteering, tell them about this trip, ask them for first donations. Don`t skip this step! Building your foundation of fundraising efforts will get the ball rolling. Beyond that, get them involved and excited about sharing your volunteer journey with their networks over social media to start reaching a broader group of potential supporters of your trip.

Tip: Email is a great way of reaching out to your friends and family. Explain your mission, be honest and transparent in your message to each person to make him/her feel connected to your cause and passionate about helping you raise money.

#5 Offer incentives for donations

Your supporters will be glad to get something small in return for their donations and support. This could be as simple as sending them a postcard or a magnet from your destination, or telling stories about your experiences once you are back. It will remind them about their involvement in your cause and encourage to share more.

#6 Take advantage of Social Media

The real power of social media comes by engaging your family, friends, community and supporters. It is the easiest way to promote your cause, website or blog. Even if you don’t have a mass of followers, it’s important to start building a community on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to reach out to your potential supporters.

Share the details of your plan to volunteer abroad, what you hope to achieve, photos of your destination, blog posts about your preparation and experience.

#7 Don’t forget about matching donations

Many employers are willing to match an employee’s charitable donation. Make sure to ask your employer whether there is a program like this – it can double your donations!

Finally, don’t forget to say thanks!

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