If you’re like most connected Canadians, you spent a good part of the early summer answering e-mails from companies looking to preserve their relationship with you. Such was the requirement of the new anti-spam law that took effect July 1, compelling professional organizations to secure the consent of everybody with whom they wish to electronically communicate. It also prevents “spammers” from e-mailing texting, or contacting you through social media such as Facebook and Twitter, unless they’ve obtained express or implied permission.

Canada Anti-Spam Law Bill C-28The new legislation, as posted on a federal website, is succinct: “To send a commercial electronic message to an electronic address, you need the recipient’s consent, to identify yourself, to offer an unsubscribe mechanism and to be truthful.”

Spam, for those folks who’ve mercifully avoided its insidious reach in the electronic age, is the burdensome glut of advertising messages with which marketers crowd your inbox. This flood of outreach suffers an unfortunate reputation for being opportunistic, unwelcome correspondence. Unfortunately, the good stuff gets slopped in with the bad — including legitimate, well-meaning messages from FundRazr.

FundRazr takes the new law seriously. Diligently and dutifully, we ask our creators for permission to sign them up for news and product updates. And donors have an opportunity to follow campaigns to which they donated, and then to decide to subscribe to their ongoing news reports and status updates in response to our request.

But of course participants can still send e-mails to friends, family and people they know without any permission; a pre-existing personal relationship exempts folks from these requirements. Similarly, organizations and non-profits can send permission-free e-mails to any existing connections with whom they had relationships before the new law kicked in.
We are hopeful that those on the receiving end of our overtures haven’t regarded them as an ironic continuance of the spam, but accept the necessity of our efforts on this front (businesses that don’t comply face fines of up to $10 million) and have agreed to keep talking about these important matters. Without our contacts, after all, we wouldn’t be able to continue our oversight of the many worthwhile fund-seeking projects we superintend.

As a point of interest, note that a transition provision sees existing e-mail recipients presumed to have an established relationship with marketers, and so continued consent is implied for three years.

Rural Newfoundland communities are getting smaller and smaller. People are being forced to move away to find work, as all the fish are gone and the jobs are scarce. It is the vision of ‘Ome sweet ‘Ome and the town of Burlington, to turn this community into a tourist destination and revitalize the amazing area.

As seen on the hit TV show, Manjumder Manor, Shaun Majumder has taken the lead with this campaign to rejuvenate his hometown. The goal is to build tents, pods, and Majumder Manor to attract tourists to the area to see what it has to offer. Aside from the spectacular views, some of the awesome activities to participate in once while visiting are hiking, boat trips, iceberg hunting, and lobster boils.

The rewards offered in this campaign give you access to stays in the tents, pods, or even Majumder Manor. With the help of this crowdfunding campaign, all accommodations will be built to turn this area into a resort town. Fore more information on the campaign, take a look at Shaun Majumders video:

Other rewards for the campaign include weekend tent stays, weeklong pod stays, and many extras including adventures with Shaun Majumder himself. The highest level of reward is a corporate retreat for 16-18 people with Shaun as your personal guide. All accommodations and activities are included, plus a private show in Burlington for the team! This campaign is a great way for rural Newfoundland to bring jobs and tourism back to the community.

For more information on this campaign, take a look here:

Share this campaign to help Burlington get back on its feet!

Idea #1: Celebrate happiness by doing a random act of kindness

August happiness happens month_FundRazr

August is the national Happiness Happens Month. Throughout the month, we are encouraged to act upon our happiness in two ways: firstly, recognize and express happiness; and secondly, spread love and positive thoughts, do a random act of kindness for someone special.

If we share our happy moments and experiences, do small things to make others happy, positive attitude will prevail and good feelings will go viral.

Here are some suggestions for your happiness celebration:

  1. Help your budding artist to follow his passion, such as publishing a book, recording a music album, or pursuing a dream career. How great would it be if you could help your friend out and be a part of his creative project?
  2. Support your local animal rescue or shelter. Who doesn’t like these cute furry pets? Make them feel loved.
  3. Raise money for your family member or friend in need. They are the most important people in our lives. Show them your love and care.

Idea #2 Choose charity over birthday gifts

choose charity over birthday gifts_FundRazr

To all lucky folks who were born in August. It’s such a warm feeling when you are helping and taking care of others on your special day instead of getting birthday gifts. Believe me, I’ve done it this year.

My two friends and I have created a fundraising campaign in order to give up our birthday presents to our local charity “Beauty Night Society” that helps women living in poverty in downtown eastside of Vancouver. Our friends’ kindness and generosity have touched our hearts and together we showed our love and support to 17 women.

Idea #3: Take you sport hobbies to the next level

Boxing for charity_FundRazr

Challenge yourself by participating in a variety of sport competitions, whether it’s a run, cycling, dance or boxing, or even an ironman competition. But make it meaningful! Raise money for your favourite charity with a help of your friends and family. Go public with your decision to support the charity and it will be an additional motivation for your trainings.

Idea #4: Take a year break after a High School Graduate

Volunteering abroad_FundRazr

More and more students in the US postpone the start of college to explore the real world. They go travelling, volunteering abroad, helping kids learn English in non-English-speaking countries, working on creative ideas they always wanted to do, but didn’t have enough time for it.

Who could imagine that teenagers’ life can be so excited? You could help your kids enjoy their break and fund their dreams.

Idea #5: Support a music festival

Support a music festival_FundRazr

Summer is the time for music festivals around the globe. People are getting together to enjoy the warm atmosphere and performance. Why not use this chance to get familiar with the art of local musicians and support their creativity?

Create a campaign for your summer idea!

Many animal rescues all over the world save animals and help them find new homes. To keep making a difference to abused and unwanted pets, animal non-profits have to rely on volunteers, donations from local communities, charity events etc. It’s a hard work to save hundreds of animals every day, keep existing supporters engaged and reach out for new ones at the same time.

However, some animal rescues have found an easy and effective way that allows them to combine building their supporting community, staying in touch with donors and posting updates and news with raising money for their pets in one place.

Here is what they have done to succeed:

  1. Created a Facebook page for their non-profit to build up a supporting community.
  2. Used a crowdfunding platform designed for fundraising on Facebook to reach supporters, friends of supporters and beyond (e.g. FundRazr).
  3. Focused on one pet at a time by creating a fundraising campaign for each pet, telling his/her story in words and images, sharing updates and news on their Facebook page.

The result? Check the following infographic created by our designer Vanessa Kazakoff to see the impact of fundraising on Facebook for animal non-profits.

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With the continued outrage of Snowden’s detainment, it begs the question, who’s funding his legal expenses in such a controversial battle? The answer – people like you. Vancouver-based crowdfunding platform, FundRazr, has been used as a tool for many political and social crowdfunding campaigns, most notably that of Edward Snowden. With $125K raised for his campaign, and many more campaigns being created, including campaigns opposing the Enbridge pipeline, fighting the Robocall scandal, and supporting Pussy Riot, crowdfunding might just be the future of funding in politics.

Raise money for political campaigns

Crowdfunding, particularly for political and social campaigns, can be a great way to unite and rally supporters to share important messages over social media. By combining a viral message with an opportunity to donate seamlessly online, these campaigns have experienced great success. In the last year alone, FundRazr has hosted a variety of these campaigns, raising a total of over $750K.

Successful Political Campaigns

Wikileaks Staff & Julian Assange Defense Fund

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, has been detained without charge for over 1,250 days now. Supporters are rallying to free Assange, and to end the violation of his human rights. They have launched a new website and are heavily promoting the FundRazr crowfunding campaign that has already raised over £20K so far. This campaign is the second one they have hosted, having raised over £233K in their previous campaign.

Edward Snowden

Another political story, that of Edward Snowden, has been very active with crowdfunding campaigns as well. The initial campaign raised over nearly $125K, and supported his legal defense fees. The organization hosting the campaign, Courage, has now rolled out two new campaigns in support of Snowden. Firstly, Courage has a campaign raising money for their new non-profit organization designed to help whistleblowers with legal battles. This has already raised over $9.5K in only 15 days. The other campaign is similar, but is raising money directly for Edward Snowden.

The Council of Canadians

The Council Of Canadians ran a campaign last year to help 8 individuals fight against the Robocall scandal from the last federal election. The campaign managed to raise $501K.

The Council of Canadians also has a second campaign raising money to fight the FIPA free trade deal between Canada & China. This campaign is still active and has raised over $16K since its launch.

Bob Ages

Bob Ages is the treasurer for the Council Of Canadians, and he’s been running a campaign for over 3 months ($22K raised) to help protest efforts against the Northern Gateway pipeline. With the recent approval of the pipeline, other campaigns are certain to materialize in the coming weeks.

Similar to the cause of Bob Ages, R.A.V.E.N. Trust created a campaign the same day Northern Gateway pipeline was given the green light by the federal government. The campaign title is “Help First Nations Fight Enbridge in the Courts”, and has raised nearly $6K already. This campaign is looking to raise $100K and has picked up a lot of social media coverage already.

Pussy Riot

Originally started by Alexander Goldfarb, and later passed to The Voice Project, this campaign was to support Pussy Riot members that had been sentenced to two years in a Russian labor camp for performing a song that was critical of President Putin. The campaign raised over $5K, but was extremely popular over social media as news of their imprisonment outraged many different communities.

New Brunswick Abortion Clinic

The latest of our politically charged campaigns is raising money for an abortion clinic in New Brunswick. The Reproductive Justice New Brunswick (RJNB) raised over $100K in their first week of the campaign. The mission of this campaign is to save the only abortion clinic available for residents in the Maritimes, and oppose recent political reforms.

The aforementioned campaigns are a few of many that FundRazr has hosted that spread social messages across the Internet to rally support. FundRazr has positioned itself as an ideal social and political platform by allowing any type of any campaign, by hosting keep it all campaigns with low fees, and by giving access to crowdfunding in over 20 countries in the world. Similarly, FundRazr offers easy set up, superior customer service, and live-coaching which can all be attributed to helping FundRazr emerge as a leader in these campaigns.

To start a campaign today please visit the FundRazr website or contact us.

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