7 Facebook Tips For A Successful Campaign

by Tatyana Kapkan on July 17, 2013

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You’ve started your FundRazr to raise money for your cause. Wonder what the next steps to success are?
Spread the word, reach people, and connect with them! The best way to do this is using social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and YouTube.

Top 2 most popular social media networks are Facebook and Twitter. In order to give your project visibility and engage more people on Facebook, look at the following tips to use Facebook effectively:

1. Share on Facebook 3x per week

Share FundRazr on Facebook
The Facebook newsfeed often gets cluttered with content that many users find meaningless. Make sure your friends and family see your posts by regularly sharing your campaign at least 3 times per week.

2. Optimize Posts For The Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm

Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm
The Facebook newsfeed has an algorithm that determines what makes the newsfeed and what does not. So if you want to make sure that your posts are being seen you need to optimize for this algorithm. Posting photos and videos are a great way of doing this. Posting dynamic content like photos and videos, along with text, will help increase your total exposure.
Insert a photo on your Facebook updates with a link to your campaign to grab attention!

3. Engage Your Supporters

Engage Your Supporters_FundRazr
Your supporters want to know that their contribution is making a difference to your cause. Your story update can include links to your blog, website, news articles etc.! You can use the FundRazr Media Gallery feature that allows you to show multiple photos and videos with every story update for your campaign. You can tell a visual story by sharing photos and videos of your project’s progress on Facebook. Your friends and supporters would love to know more details about your cause and, as the saying goes; pictures really are worth a thousand words. For more information please read our blog post!
You can also post questions. The questions feature is a good strategy to get people more involved with your cause. People enjoy being heard and giving their feedback!

4. Ask Friends & Family To Promote Your Campaign via Facebook

Promote your campaign on Facebook
Ask your family and friends to promote your cause. The more your friends and family share, the larger reach your campaign will have. Send a message, with a link to your campaign, to as many people as you can. Include text in your message that asks people to at least ‘like’ or ‘share’, even if they cannot donate.

5. Enhance Success By Creating A Facebook Page

Facebook Page For Your FundRazr
If you want to have a successful fundraiser online, one of the key ingredients is having a Facebook Page. Not a group, not a profile, but a Page for your cause. It’s like having a mini website where people can connect with your cause, get regular updates, and see your FundRazr campaign. Posting regular updates and photos will help people to connect and visit your page more often to find out what is going on. Read our blog post for more details!
Use our “Add on tab” feature to add your campaign on your Facebook Page’s tabs, so your visitors can donate while on Facebook. It creates a powerful call to action! Here’s a Help Page that will show you how.

6. Celebrate Your Milestones

FundRazr Milestones on Facebook
Have you reached your milestone? Celebrate with your supporters! Even if you think it’s something small, thank your supporters by commenting directly on donations, and post “thank you” messages on your Facebook!

7. Use Hashtags To Rally Support

Facebook Hashtags for FundRazr
Recently Facebook announced that posts could now include “clickable” hashtags. Hashtags have been a popular way for people to track and observe conversations and topics on Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus. Now as Facebook supports them, use hashtags to promote and get additional attention to your project. The most popular hashtags are #FundRazr, #Crowdfunding, #Fundraising.

Use These Facebook Tips To Succeed!

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