Great PERK Ideas for your Campaign

The conventional wisdom is that perks are exclusive to entrepreneurs and creative categories for fundraising. However, that belief is outdated. Perks can be used to enhance almost any crowdfunding category including personal, non-profit, and animals.

Perk Ideas for Non-profit

As a non-profit, it’s essential that you utilize the non-profit brand you have built over the years. That means offering branded merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, mugs, pens, posters, etc as perks. Furthermore, invites to fundraising events, meeting senior member of the organization, or even a tour of your facilities are also great perk ideas.

Remember, donors donate because they relate to your cause, so anything you find exciting will probably resonate with them as well.

Look at non-profit organizations that have used perks to enhance their campaign; just some examples to get you started.

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Perk Ideas for Animals

Animals are cute and cuddly, so it’s easy to create perks that play off their cute demeanor. Paw prints, photos, or even the opportunity to name the animal after a donor, make great perks.

Another way to utilize the perk system is to make perks the equivalent to a tangible item. That way, the donors have a better idea of what they are donating to and will feel more empowered through the donation. Check out a campaign that uses this method to obtain more donor engagement.

Perk Ideas for Personal

Often, we get stuck in the thinking that perks must be tangible. However, we fail to recognize the value of a heartfelt thank you. For personal campaigns, social media shout outs, and personal thank you letters are great perks to offer your donors. They are personal and carry a substantial intangible value.

Perk Ideas for Creative and Entrepreneurial

First of all, perks are a great way to pre-sell or sell your services or products. When donors donate a certain amount and claim a perk, they are rewarded with that tier of merchandise or service. The product doesn’t have to be a physical merchandise such as a book, t-shirt, etc; it can be a service such as a live performance.

Reminder: The ideas mentioned above are not exclusive to any category. Feel free to mix and match and be CREATIVE. This is your campaign, you decide how you want to thank you donors.

More Ideas to come! Check out 5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Perks for Crowdfunding.

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