FundRazr Creation Checklist

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FundRazr Creation Checklist

Creating a new FundRazr is quick and hassle-free, as long as you ensure you have satisfied these requirements:

All FundRazrs

  • I have selected Personal because I want to use my FundRazr to raise money for myself, a family member, a friend or a personal cause.

  • I have selected Organization because I want to use my FundRazr to raise money for a non-profit, school, political or other organization.
  • I am using a Premier or Business PayPal account.
  • I have verified my PayPal account with PayPal.
  • I have validated my PayPal account with FundRazr.
  • I am NOT running a raffle, lottery or contest.
  • I have planned my FundRazr strategy—I have a concise, personal message, a picture or video, and a way to share my campaign with my social network (and get them to share it with theirs).

Non-Profit Organization FundRazrs

  • I have selected Non-Profit because my organization has registered non-profit status with the tax authority in my country.
  • I am an authorized representative of the registered non-profit organization.
  • I am using the PayPal account of the registered non-profit organization, and this account is registered with PayPal as a Non-Profit account.
  • I have a letter of subordination from the organization authorizing me to raise money on their behalf
  • I am NOT collecting the money myself which I will give to the organization later or use for their benefit.

And there you have it! Now that you have completed the items in the checklist, your FundRazr should be up-and-running in no time. Happy fundraising!

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