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Last night the Vancouver Enterprise Forum Society held a very informative Crowdfunding Panel Event to discuss the rapidly growing way of raising capital which is expected to generate $2.8 billion in 2013 according to Massolution.

The panel included both crowdfunding companies and those who had used these companies to raise capital as well as an angel investor at the forefront of equity crowdfunding.

Panellists discussed all major topics about crowdfunding, including:

  1. How significant is crowdfunding as a means of raising capital
  2. What are the different types of crowdfunding
  3. What factors maximize crowdfunding success
  4. What are the opportunities and risks involved
  5. What does the future look like – especially with regards to equity crowdfunding

Watch Video of FundRazr Founder Daryl Hatton on the Crowdfunding Panel Event. View the panel here starting at 20:00 mark (to skip ads).

Founder Daryl Hatton at VEF

Shout out to the other panelists who are true crowdfunding innovators – Jayesh Parmar of Picatic, Jay Giraud of, David Geertz of SoKap and Mike Volker of SFU Venture Connection plus friend and Lightning Pitcher Clayton Brown of Keycafe who we think will be huge – (at 11:27 mark).

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