NEW! FundRazr Features get Supporters more Engaged

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Introducing 2 great NEW features that help your FundRazr story updates and campaign progress reach followers to get more people engaged in your campaign. With FundRazr, every interaction – a comment, donation, share or thank you – creates more visibility for your campaign on the social web helping you reach your goals.

Weekly Email Digests keep Followers informed

Donors and followers that opt-in automatically receive a FundRazr Weekly Digest via email for your campaign plus any others that they follow. The attractive digest includes weekly updates on: amount raised, number of new contributors and new comments in the past week plus total funds raised and number of days left, if applicable.

FundRazr Weekly Digest
The FundRazr Weekly Digest works hard to encourage more giving, more sharing and more money raised.
Donors are automatically encouraged to follow your campaign when they donate.
Reach even more supporters by promoting the + Follow feature on your FundRazr page!

FundRazr Follow

Story Updates now automatically sent to followers

NOW Followers will get an email with every story update! All details you post in a story update on your campaign page are sent right away.
Here’s some ideas on story updates you can post:

  1. News on your project or cause
  2. How the money raised is being used
  3. How donations have improved your situation
  4. “Thank you” messages to supporters

Story Updates are a great opportunity to keep supporters’ attention on your campaign, motivate them to donate again and share the campaign with their friends. Your supporters want to know that their contribution is making a difference to your cause. Story Updates make it easy.
Recommendation – Post a rich story update 3 times per week to keep contributors informed!

American Gut Story update Email

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