How To Help Animals Affected By Calgary Flooding via Crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding Harnesses The Internet’s Love Of Cats (And Dogs) And Saves Lives

Desperate images of hurt or doomed pets flood Facebook streams daily – and animal crowdfunding has become the best way to help them. The floods in Calgary have magnified the need for assistance.

When it comes to online adoption, those who could adopt likely already have or they may live too far away for adoption to be a viable option. But savvy rescues discovered an alternative via Fundrazr – animal crowdfunding, and they’re experiencing dramatic and rapid results.

Calgary Flooding - Cat Animal Rescue Crowdfunding“In four months we exceeded what we thought would take us a year,” said Amy, when asked about the Fundrazrs managed by her organization, Partners for Pets.

Nancy of Cuddly Canines Rescue shared a similar experience. Her Fundrazr’s goal was to raise $1k in two weeks and they “made it in day and a half.”

How are they doing this? Fundrazr integrates seamlessly with Facebook and other social sites and makes running campaigns – even multiple campaigns at once – a snap.

Partners for Pets has approximately 100 campaigns running all the time. “When we shut some down, we start new ones,” shared Amy. “It’s never ending, just like the supply of homeless dogs.”

The hardest part, Amy shares, is taking a few minutes out of your day to get started. “A fellow rescue volunteer who lives on the West Coast kept telling me to create Fundrazrs for each dog, but we thought it would be too much, and take up too much time. We procrastinated for a long time….MONTHS!! When we finally did it, we were shocked with how great the results were! We were also surprised with how easy it was to do.”

It’s not only easy to do, it’s easy to track, with amounts contributed listed in real-time along with a message board where contributors can read updates and share support or ask questions. AND – the funds are available immediately via PayPal.

Crowdfunding it isn’t only for rescues though – and it isn’t only for dogs. You’ll find animal lovers of all variety online and FundRazrs to match, including those devoted to horses, pigs, eagles and, of course (the love of the Internet), cats.

Rebecca was completely shocked when she raised $2,000 in a matter of hours to save her cat, Nina:

“When I started our Fundrazr campaign, spreading Nina’s story across various social outlets, I imagined family, friends, and a stranger or two helping donation-wise. (My intentions on Imgur were mostly in seeking any known organizations that could help, financing options, and advice.) When Nina’s story started receiving attention on Imgur, it was mere hours before we met our $2000 goal.”

Animal Crowdfunding - Gordo LIBR Bulldog Rescue FundRazr

But is it really THAT effective for animals?

Jennifer from the Dachshunds Rescue in South Florida thinks so: “Thanks to Fundrazr’s platform and its integration with Facebook, we can launch a campaign in minutes, share it out over our community and thanks to the magic of technology and the kindness of our supporters, it has worked every time.”
And so does Paige from Corgi Pals Inc.: “Money raised through Fundrazr for these Corgis has helped everything from cancer to bladder stones to hernias to parvo. Since the beginning of 2013 we have raised about $32,000 with the help of Fundrazr for our clients.”
There are lots of campaigns on the site right now that speak to these results, actually.

Fundrazr is wildly effective for a pretty simple reason: It combines the already popular social sharing of animals in need, with a clear, easy-to-accomplish call to action wrapped in an interface that seems too good to be true. It’s exactly what has been missing from the animal rescue equation for too long, and more animal lovers are discovering it – and saving animals’ lives – every day.

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Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the flooding in Calgary and BC,
The FundRazr Team

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