Now! Add Incentives to your FundRazr Campaign!

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Great news – Incentives are NOW available for your FundRazr campaign! Incentives give an additional incentive for your supporters to contribute to your campaign. Our developers have added some cool features like an image for each incentive to make your campaign MORE successful than EVER! We encourage you to check it out and give us your feedback.
FundRazr Perks

What is an incentive?

An incentive is something you can offer your donors in return for their contribution. Incentives encourage people to donate, as well as offering unique rewards related to your campaign or a token of appreciation at different contribution amounts. Incentives can be wishes, products, tickets, or wishes.
Here’s a great example – American Gut – used various incentives to encourage people to join their research on the human body.

What are some incentive ideas?

Incentives should be unique and offer your contributors a tiered set of escalating rewards.
Crowdfunding for a new CD release? Offer a signed copy of your new CD before it hits the shelves.
Getting supporters for your animal shelter? Have perks such as a calendar, or a plaque in your location for sponsoring a kennel. Personal campaign? Your perks could be as simple as a ‘virtual hug’ or a ‘shout-out thank you over social media’. We recommend a deadline for your campaign so it will create a sense of urgency for donors in the availability of your perk to them.

How do I add an incentive?

You can add an incentive on your Campaign’s Edit page. You can offer up to 25 perks per your campaign.
Each incentive has a name, an image that makes it visually attractive, and a description. Your supporters are allowed to claim as many as they like at a time. You can limit the number of incentives available or limit claims of an incentive to one per contribution.

After launching a campaign you can remove and add new incentives at any time. However you cannot edit or delete an incentive after it’s been claimed by the first contributor. We recommend starting with at least 3 – 5 perks so that you can test which ones are more popular & successful and also have room to add more.

How much is an incentive worth?

The value of an incentive you choose is the minimum amount a supporter must contribute in order to claim the incentive. When setting up prices for your incentives, please keep in mind that lower value incentives attract more total contributions, expand your campaign visibility on the page and social media while higher value incentives raise a higher percentage of total funds. Offer your contributors a variety of incentives at different price levels, combine the benefits of both. Research has shown that incentives priced at $10, $25, $50, $100 are the most popular.

When setting a value for a incentive don’t forget:

  1. Shipping costs – physical goods may require shipping costs.
  2. The cost to use FundRazr (5%) and PayPal fees – these costs are deducted from each contribution.

How to deliver your perk?

You are responsible for fulfilling incentive claims. Check out our Terms of Service Agreement. We’ll provide a report on all incentive claims in the Transaction history accessible from your Campaign’s Edit page.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Let people know when they can expect to receive their incentive. For example, 5-7 days, if it is custom, 7-10 days.
  2. Make sure you collect the contact information of your donors so you can fulfill your incentive requests. You can turn on Data Collection from your Campaign’s Edit page. Please take into account shipping costs when pricing your incentives.
  3. Be organized – if you are getting an influx of donations consider sending incentives out once a week. Advise your donors the amount of time it will take.

You can always contact us at with any questions. Be creative & Have fun!