FundRazr Health: Another reason to exercise (among many)

BobMulholland LifeRazr

We like to think of FundRazr as more than a crowdfunding platform. We like to think of FundRazr as a caring community, so that’s why we are formally introducing the LifeRazr section of our blog, which will highlight useful health tips and other things we think will add value to your daily life.

To start off the week, we would like to share with you some interesting health findings and how you can incorporate them into your daily life.

By now, we all know that hypertension is bad. It leads to your heart working harder than normal and increase the risk of stroke and cardiac arrest. However, a recent study have found hypertension is worse than originally imagined and that a higher pulse pressure is positively correlated with biomarkers, which is a traceable substance of Alzheimer’s disease.

To prevent hypertension, a change of lifestyle is often most effective. The changes include dietary, exercise and weight loss. It is recommended that you should reduce sodium intake and eat a diet rich in nuts, whole grains, fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables.Of course, a little less stress and a little more happiness won’t hurt either.

As if we need another reason to get off our butts and exercise. A new study indicates that exercise increase neuroplasticity and reduce the effects of aging, meaning the more you “move”, the smarter you become; not to mention probably better looking too.


Spearmint and Rosemary
We knew that vegetables are good for you, but what about some flowers and herbs? A research on mice have suggested that antioxidants from spearmint and rosemary can improve learning and memory. Potentially even reducing the effects of age-related cognitive decline. Although human experimentation hasn’t been conducted, the results are promising. Maybe, for your next visit to the coffee shop, switch up that espresso for a Rosemary and spearmint tea.

We hope you enjoyed our little “this week in health” and tell us your thoughts in the comment below. What topic should we discuss next in LifeRazr?

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