TOP 5 Most-Asked FundRazr Support Questions

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Here at FundRazr, our customer support team replies to nearly 100 customer questions every single day. In fact, we just have Bob, our Customer Solutions Manager, who deals with customers’ questions all by himself, maintaining a 85% satisfaction rating month-over-month.
FundRazr Customer Support Manager
Every day brings something new, which is to be expected when our developers add new features, make improvements to the platform for our customers every week. Bob has been constantly updating our Knowledge Base at FundRazr Help Center where you can find informative articles about most questions and topics.

Here are our 5 most-asked FundRazr support questions, and the answers to help you solve them.

“I want to create a campaign for my dear friend/relative/child. How can I do that?”

If you need some help creating your first personal campaign we have a step-by-step tutorial with images and detailed instruction for you.

It’s FREE to start! FundRazr sign-up process is pretty easy; you just need to do the following steps:

  1. Tell your story your way: who, what and why you are raising money for;
  2. Choose a goal;
  3. Add pictures and/or video to engage your supporters;
  4. Choose your flexible deadline;
  5. Add a Paypal and/or WePay account to accept donations.

You can also add perks, as an incentive for people to support your cause. Perks are not exclusive to entrepreneurs and creative categories, you can also use them to enhance almost any crowdfunding category including personal. Find some great perks ideas here.

The whole sign up process takes less than 60 seconds. We support you each step of the way.

“How can I make sure that my Paypal account is set up properly?” or other questions about confirming and verifying a Paypal account

There are 5 criteria your Paypal account should meet to accept donations through FundRazr. We will go through each of them and show you screenshots where to look inside your Papal account. All you need to do is to read our detailed instructions here.

If you are a U.S. user we recommend you to use WePay as well. It’s easy to add and manage.

“I want to raise money for charity. Can I do this with FundRazr?”

Yes, you can. Here at FundRazr, we think it’s wonderful and inspiring when people pull together and run a campaign for their lovely charity, community or another person to help solve his problems. However we closely monitor the kind of fundraising done through FundRazr to limit the possibility of fraudulent use of our platform.
The process might sound complicated, but actually it’s not. To use FundRazr for charity-driven crowdfunding, first take a look here at the three categories that people will fall under (most people will fall under category 2).

“What information do I need to provide to start a campaign for my organization?” or “How can I raise money for my organization?”

When you sign up your organization to use FundRazr, we need to review the information you submit before you can launch your campaign. It’s very important to submit accurate information the first time, to speed up the approval process. There are several things we look for and we will walk you through them to show you what to do & what not to do. Check out our detailed guide!

“Do I have to pay taxes on the donations I receive?”

Maybe. Unless the recipient of the contributions has tax-exempt status, contributions received through FundRazr may be considered taxable income.
Because of differing individual circumstances and jurisdictions, we do not provide information or specific advice on taxation. We recommend that you consult an appropriate tax professional who can provide you with information and advice relevant to your specific situation and location.

If your questions / issue doesn’t appear on our list of most frequently asked questions, reach out to Bob at and he’ll do whatever he can to help you out. Also, remember that our FundRazr Help Center is also full of informative articles to help you solve issues easily and quickly.