How to Write an Effective Crowdfunding Pitch

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Every day we see a lot of crowdfunding pitches in FundRazr campaigns, which vary from very engaging to not so compelling. We’ve seen it all, from the short and sweet pitch, to the really long and overwhelming “wall of text”.

To make it easier for you, we’ve made a video “How to Write a Crowdfunding Pitch” where we pointed out the 6 most important questions for you to answer in your crowdfunding pitch.

Your crowdfunding campaign pitch is your first point of contact with potential donors. For your pitch to be effective it’s crucial to plan and include all the elements that make a compelling pitch.

A pitch needs to cover:

  1. Who you are: Introduce yourself. Tell your story.
  2. What you are trying to raise money for: Be specific and include your funding goal, and even a breakdown of where the money goes.
  3. When your project will take place: Set a deadline, this creates a sense of urgency.
  4. Where your project will take place: Talk about why crowdfunding will help you. Share the social media platforms you are using, and the value of sharing the campaign with others.
  5. Why you are raising funds: Show your passion, explain the impact of your campaign or tell us about the people who will benefit from it.
  6. How people can get involved: Beyond just donating money, what else can people do to help you? Outline any perks you have created.

It pays to be honest, authentic and transparent. In your pitch explain your mission and compel readers to contribute in just a few succinct paragraphs. Be yourself, and it may be difficult but try to stay optimistic. Clearly communicate what you are doing and show what you are raising money for.

Your story needs to be clear and concise, so steer clear of creating a ‘wall of text’. A wall of text often deters and overwhelms the reader, and may cause loss of potential donors. People are not going take the time to read an essay, so write your pitch the way you would want to read it. You can do this by editing the story, highlighting the most important elements, and separating it into key paragraphs. Use bold font, italics and headings to break your story up. Another great way to break up text is to add photos after every paragraph; this helps integrate a visual element to your story.

And remember, in addition to your written pitch, include a compelling pitch video, they help reveal your story and connect the audience to your campaign.

People will want to donate when you let your passion and enthusiasm shine!

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