Crowdfunding for Creatures

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It takes a pretty hard person to resist the wet-eyed neediness of an animal. And there are few souls on this earth more in want of our help but less able to express it. That’s why the advent of the crowdfunding model is such a blessing to the animal non-profit community. And why folks with a passion for these special beasties should pay heed to their heartfelt howl.

bandaged-sick-dogFundRazr has a particular soft spot for animals and pets, and so devotes a dedicated section to those initiatives devoted to raising money for their special causes. From Peanut, the four-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Minnesota whose expensive bladder surgery nearly broke his owners’ resources; to Hope Animal Shelter, a UK non-profit organization that rescues, shelters, cares for and feeds a variety of abandoned animals; to the Black Rock Cat Project, a Connecticut-based venture to see all of the neighbourhood’s stray cats spayed or neutered, FundRazr oversees a range of animal-focused campaigns.

And its platform is well placed to do so, too, given its powerful integration with Facebook. Working with PayPal, FundRazr can solicit funds for its perpetually expanding collection of furred and feathered causes easily, and thus the vet bills, humane society and rescue shelter expenses, and working dog fees can be covered through the blessed kindness of animal-loving strangers.

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