10 Steps for Promoting Your Cause on Social Media (Infographic)

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Our 10 step infographic for promoting your cause on social media!


Step-by-Step Tips:

1. Create a dedicated website. Have a website dedicated to connecting your audience with your cause.

2. Your social media following is extremely important, so be sure to dedicate some time and effort to provide fresh and engaging content about your cause. This will increase your outreach and attract more followers.

3. But don’t forget about reaching out to traditional media. Newspapers, TV and radio are still great outlets for which to share your content to a mass audience.

4. Email marketing can be a great way to reach out to followers, groups and sponsors who associate with your cause.

5. Tailor your social media usage to attract followers, rather than generate revenue. Increasing your follower base will naturally increase your revenue as your increase your online reach.

6. Define your parameters, set a capped donation target and campaign length. This will give your audience a number to identify with and the capped length will bring a sense of urgency, which will have a greater chance of increasing donations. Donors like to know that they helped contribute to a specific goal.

7. Your cause needs to be relevant to your brand. People are less likely to donate or share your cause if they feel it isn’t genuine.

8. Put a face to your cause. By putting a face or logo to your cause, your brand awareness and familiarity increases which will make your organization much more recognizable which increases followers.

9. Don’t over promote. Over promoting your content can lead followers to feel like you are marketing

10. Make sure your posts carry your message in some fashion. Have a call to action that incentivizes followers to share and donate to your cause.

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