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How 7 Incredible Animal Rescues Saved Hundreds through Crowdfunding

TatyanaKapkan About Crowdfunding, NonProfits

Many animal rescues all over the world save animals and help them find new homes. To keep making a difference to abused and unwanted pets, animal non-profits have to rely on volunteers, donations from local communities, charity events etc. It’s a hard work to save hundreds of animals every day, keep existing supporters engaged and reach out for new ones at the same time.

However, some animal rescues have found an easy and effective way that allows them to combine building their supporting community, staying in touch with donors and posting updates and news with raising money for their pets in one place.

Here is what they have done to succeed:

  1. Created a Facebook page for their non-profit to build up a supporting community.
  2. Used a crowdfunding platform designed for fundraising on Facebook to reach supporters, friends of supporters and beyond (e.g. FundRazr).
  3. Focused on one pet at a time by creating a fundraising campaign for each pet, telling his/her story in words and images, sharing updates and news on their Facebook page.

The result? Check the following infographic created by our designer Vanessa Kazakoff to see the impact of fundraising on Facebook for animal non-profits.