Micro Projects – More Campaigns, More Money, Less Work!

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One of the best ways to tackle a big job is to break it down into less intimidating chunks. It’s an approach that works just as well in fundraising as many other areas of life – running multiple campaigns, each with a smaller goal, may be more effective than one campaign with a much higher target.

However, while smaller amounts of money are easier to raise, you might be worried that running multiple smaller campaigns could mean more overhead costs and time commitment. That’s why FundRazr introduced its Micro Project option – we automate most of that work, leaving you, the nonprofit organizer, to focus on what really matters.

About Micro Projects

Micro Projects are repeating campaign concepts that can be personalized, but share a similar structure. For example, instead of raising one large lump sum to keep an animal shelter running for a year, you could break it down into fifty small campaigns, each sponsoring an individual animal.

Micro Projects are a powerful method of fundraising that tackle three of FundRazr’s Seven Strategic Benefits:

  • – Micro Projects boost efficiency, creating bigger, better, more powerful, more functionally complete and more compelling campaigns with less work
  • – Micro Projects excel at communicating impact; conveying to the individual the power of their gifts and donations in a constant, direct, and cost effective manner
  • – Due to their entertaining, interactive nature, these campaigns ensure sustainability – giving volunteers, advocates, sponsors and community members such great experiences that they help out again and again

The advantages of running Micro Projects instead of one large campaign are many. Donors get the gratification of watching their gifts add up faster by setting smaller goals that will be met more often. And with FundRazr’s platform, most of the extra work in running multiple campaigns is eliminated, as the master template can be applied effortlessly to campaign after campaign.

How It Works

The main way we’ve made Micro Projects easier to implement are templates that can be copied from one campaign to the next. This allows you to create many campaigns at once that all share a similar structure, uniting them under your brand. The story and imagery from the Master campaign is automatically included in each sub-campaign. For each sub-campaign, details and visuals can be tweaked as needed, while still retaining all the tax receipt setup,payment settings and properties that link back to your organization.

As with other types of FundRazr campaigns, you have the option of either a Hidden or Public Master Campaign. If you choose to set your Master Campaign to Public, the grand total that you’ve raised across all Micro Projects will be visible. Usually, this is a great idea – if potential donors can see all the combined donations, it will give your cause legitimacy and show off the real-world impact of their dollars. Alongside each Micro Project’s page, we’ll display a ‘Related Campaigns’ tab – this will let potential donors browse through other Micro pages, finding even more ways to take part and contribute.

With Micro Projects, FundRazr’s Incentives feature really comes in handy. Since these types of projects allow donors to watch their generosity in action, integrating features like Wishes can really step up emotional impact. In the animal shelter example given above, donors could buy a Wish of one week of care for an animal, rather than just pitching in a few dollars to a massive overall target. Of course, other FundRazr features like updates and the option to Keep it All are available on Micro Project campaigns as well.

Get Started!

So remember, more campaigns don’t have to mean more work! With Micro Projects, you can break down your fundraising goals into chunks that are easier for donors to handle – without make it more complicated for your team, either!

FundRazr has the tools you need to painlessly raise funds for your cause, boosting efficiency and communicating impact by breaking your goal down into smaller steps that let your supporters really see where their dollars and donations are going.

We can’t wait to see how you utilize Micro Projects. The possibilities are endless!

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