How to Beat the Mid-Campaign Slump

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If you’ve ever run a fundraising campaign before, you may have noticed that they tend to start and finish with a bang, but the middle is more like a whimper. It’s not just you – it happens to almost all campaigns across all platforms. While it’s no fun when you’re in it, if you know it’s coming you’re already a …

Leveraging the Relationship Between Fundraising Dollars and Impact

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More and more, nonprofits are facing a growing communications challenge with ever more skeptical audiences. Research shows that donors, and millennials especially, are likely to stop donating to a cause if they do not clearly understand the direct impact of their money. What is ‘Impact’? Results can be categorized a few different ways – you can have outputs, outcomes, and …

To the Next Level: How to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Donors

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People are quick to like the causes they care about on social media. They’ll dole out the likes, shares, and retweets with abandon, but getting your followers to step up and support your cause with their hard-earned money requires more work. The good news is that if they’re already engaging with you on social media, they’re more likely to donate. …

Getting Creative with Sub Campaigns for Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

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With sub-campaigns you enable influencers and affiliates to use the content from your master campaign (images, videos, your brand story) and put their own spin on it with their own content and perks, allowing you to track exactly which campaign your contributions are coming from.

Top 5 crowdfunding myths for non-profits

Top 5 Crowdfunding Myths For NonProfits

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As a NonProfit you want the money to go where it’s supposed to – your cause. Traditional fundraising is no longer allowing NonProfits to reach their intended donors. It’s left many to try new techniques including online fundraising. Crowdfunding is a hot topic and one of the best platforms for NonProfits, and individuals alike, is FundRazr. There are many myths …