New on FundRazr: Run Your Crowdfunding Campaign Under Your Own Brand

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When you’re running a crowdfunding campaign for an organization, whether you’re campaigning for a non-profit or a new business, you can lose a lot of brand equity on your crowdfunding page. We believe that your brand is a powerful part of what engages your followers and instills trust – and that trust is imperative to securing contributions. Your supporters are …

Pre-Crowdfunding Marketing is Not Optional

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Think of your crowdfunding campaign like a big project launch opening party. If you were throwing a party, you wouldn’t keep it a secret until the day of – if you did, no one would show up! Treat your crowdfunding campaign like an event that you’re selling tickets to – build momentum and get buy-in before your launch date. Spend …

How to Use LinkedIn for Your NonProfit

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LinkedIn is integral to telling your nonprofit organization’s ‘professional’ story. With over 400 million professional users, LinkedIn is a great resource for potential donors and potential partner corporations. Think of LinkedIn as a constant, virtual networking event at your disposal. You want to be on your A-game so you can: Share your organization’s elevator pitch with the professional world Share …

To the Next Level: How to Convert Your Social Media Followers into Donors

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People are quick to like the causes they care about on social media. They’ll dole out the likes, shares, and retweets with abandon, but getting your followers to step up and support your cause with their hard-earned money requires more work. The good news is that if they’re already engaging with you on social media, they’re more likely to donate. …

Embedding Campaigns in News Stories: Why It Matters and How to Do It

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I’m willing to bet this has happened to you or someone you know – let us know if you’ve heard this one before. You see an article online on a news website about a family, nonprofit, or project that needs help. The article says that the cause has raised a certain amount of their goal, and names the website that …

Getting Creative with Sub Campaigns for Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

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With sub-campaigns you enable influencers and affiliates to use the content from your master campaign (images, videos, your brand story) and put their own spin on it with their own content and perks, allowing you to track exactly which campaign your contributions are coming from.

Why Nicolle Hodges dropped everything to help refugees in Greece

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STORY AND PHOTOGRAPHY: Nicolle Hodges – I woke up from a dream, and in it I was drowning. When my eyes opened, I wasn’t drenched in sweat or gasping for air. I was simply lying on my back, looking up at the beige, cracked ceiling of my West End apartment. There was nothing special about the moment that indicated something …