Fund your dream

Fund Your Dream With No Excuses

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Each of us has a dream. A perfect picture in our mind that we’d love to see come true one day. Something that scares us a lot and inspires, motivates to go forward at the same time. So why do we usually forget about our dreams, postpone them for the time that never comes? The main thing we always blame …

Perks for non-profits

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Use Incentives for Crowdfunding

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Incentive-based crowdfunding has become a crucial way for writers, artists, filmmakers and entrepreneurs to raise money for their creative projects and ideas. The main point of it is to provide contributors with a thank you gift or an “incentive” for a specific amount of donations. It’s been a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to pre-sell their products and test out the …

animal rescue

How 7 Incredible Animal Rescues Saved Hundreds through Crowdfunding

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Many animal rescues all over the world save animals and help them find new homes. To keep making a difference to abused and unwanted pets, animal non-profits have to rely on volunteers, donations from local communities, charity events etc. It’s a hard work to save hundreds of animals every day, keep existing supporters engaged and reach out for new ones …

Last chance animal rescue

Case Study: How Last Chance Animal Rescue Helped Thousands Escape Death

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We keep helping non-profits and rescues raise money for animals in need and asking for their feedback and fundraising experience to share with other organizations and those who care. Here is our interview with Judith Langmaid from one of the amazing animal rescues, Last Chance Animal Rescue, who revealed their best practices on how to build an online community of …

PR 101: How to pitch your story to the media and why you should

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You have read our tips for Facebook and Twitter; now, we are going to teach you how to pitch your stories to news media! Statistics suggest that campaigns that receive news coverage (either online or offline) raise 2 to 3 times more than campaigns that don’t. Furthermore, campaigns with news coverage also receive more anonymous donations. Examples of news covered …

5 Tips to Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign Stand Out

5 Tips to Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign Stand Out

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You’re starting a crowdfunding campaign. You know you have a good cause but you find many campaigns that are similar to yours. How do you set yours apart? What is going to make your campaign generate awareness successfully compared to others? Here are 5 tips that can help make your crowdfunding campaign standout: 1. Your Campaign Needs to be Likeable …

5 Simple Steps to Spot Crowdfunding Scams

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Crowdfunding is popular these days, and for the most part, it’s a good thing, but there will always be scammers who want to take advantage of it. But if you expect crowdfunding to be full of fraudulent campaigns, postings, accounts and donations, you would be mistaken. Crowdfunding platforms have developed a sophisticated system of monitoring fraud and squeezing it out. …

11 Essential Ingredients Every Crowdfunding Campaign Needs [Infographic]

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You’ve decided to start a crowdfunding campaign for your project or cause. You want to set up everything right to make your campaign a success. You choose a crowdfunding platform that responds to your needs, create a campaign and tell your story. But you are not done. You also must ensure that your crowdfunding campaign has all of the essential …

Crowdfunding Your Fun Run for a Good Cause

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Last week, your mom called and told you your favorite aunt has cancer. After getting over the shock of the sad news, you decided to do something tangible to raise money for your dear aunt. And, because you are a runner, you immediately thought of organizing a fun run in her honor. While this is a great idea, you may …

the science of posting on social media_fundrazr

The Science of Posting on Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Knowing when your supporters are active on social media can give you a serious advantage when it comes to getting maximum exposure for your campaign’s updates. Below is a great infographic based on studies carried out by social media experts over the past 5 years. Did you know that you should aim for 2 posts per day on Facebook between …