Ten Fresh Fundraising Ideas for 2018

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The new year is here, and what better time than a fresh, modern, and current update of your online fundraising strategies? Innovation is a constant in the nonprofit sphere, and here are ten exciting fundraising ideas for your nonprofit organization to keep pace. 1. Micro Projects Micro Projects are an effective way to transform a fundraising goal from aspirational to …

Crowdfunding 101: How to Set a Basic Online Fundraising Project Up for Success

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably no stranger to the world of online fundraising. Crowdfunding is a powerful way to connect your cause with the people who care about it, and FundRazr’s mission is to help you do so on your own terms, under your organization’s own branding. Today, we’re going back to basics: showing you how to set up …

Embedding Campaigns in News Stories: Why It Matters and How to Do It

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I’m willing to bet this has happened to you or someone you know – let us know if you’ve heard this one before. You see an article online on a news website about a family, nonprofit, or project that needs help. The article says that the cause has raised a certain amount of their goal, and names the website that …

7 Steps to Nailing the Number 1 Key to Campaign Success

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Stories connect and unite us, and telling your story authentically is a huge part of resonating with potential donors. But as your audience is inundated with more and more native content, the need to stand out and differentiate your campaign has become even more profound. It’s not a secret any longer that video holds the key to opening more donor doors. However, as campaigns become more saturated with video content, it’s not enough to include a video, you need to include good video.

5 Tips to Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign Stand Out

5 Tips to Make Your Crowdfunding Campaign Stand Out

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You’re starting a crowdfunding campaign. You know you have a good cause but you find many campaigns that are similar to yours. How do you set yours apart? What is going to make your campaign generate awareness successfully compared to others? Here are 5 tips that can help make your crowdfunding campaign standout: 1. Your Campaign Needs to be Likeable …

CBS News: Crowdfunding helps Boston bomb victims pay medical bills

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FundRazr was mentioned as one of the key platforms for raising money for Boston victims. Read the article below to find out how FundRazr is helping raise money for medical bills of the victims. “Jeff Bauman was among those standing in the wrong place — near the finish line of the Boston Marathon — when the first bomb went off. …

Innovative FundRazr: Help #30DayAdventures become a business

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We say that FundRazr can be used to crowdfund anything, anywhere. Recently there have been some new causes to catch our attention. FundRazr for a Dream Job Marc Smith started a FundRazr campaign to raise 3 months worth of income so he can turn his blog into a sustainable business. His blog, 30 Day Adventures explores adventures, food trucks, businesses, …

FundRazr on Global TV’s Shaw Tech Report

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On March 28, 2013, Global TV’s Shaw Tech Report featured technology expert Bradley Shende. He focused his new technology discussion around the idea of crowdfunding and highlighted a few key platforms, including FundRazr. “FundRazr is an amazing platform…to crowdfund basically anything…using social media you are able to connect with social media and you are able to crowdfund anything, anywhere.” Watch …

Climbing the World’s highest mountains for charity – Featured Campaign

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FundRazr is home to many remarkable campaigns. When we can, we feature one of these special campaigns. “Helping Los Chiquitos Read More!” is a campaign with a compelling story of how Francesco Rovetta found a way to achieve his life goals all while raising money for underprivileged kids. When Francesco Rovetta unexpectedly came across an old list of life goals, …

FundRazr announces alliance with Fundchange!

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Transition your Fundchange project or start a new FundRazr! FundRazr is pleased to tell Fundchange community members more about a dynamic, new partnership for member online giving and crowdfunding. On Dec 7th, Ideavibes announced the wrap-up of their Fundchange initiative. The good news is FundRazr has worked closely with Fundchange to make this transition seamless so good things can happen. …