5 Ways To Step Up Your Crowdfunding Game

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1. Share On Social Media When you fund raise using social networks, you create trust and visibility for the campaigns you create, support or share. Think of your crowdfunding campaign as a compelling piece of content and your goal is to build a community around your cause. By linking your social networks to your FundRazr you make it easier to …

Logan’s Battle With Lymphoma

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Logan was born premature and has dealt with a host of issues since his debut in 2007. In late 2014, he survived a double-lung transplant — a surgery that yields a 50/50 survival rate. His new lungs are thriving, but the anti-rejecting drugs he takes have given him post transplant lymphoma. Family friend Amy Valm started a crowdfunding campaign to …

Internet Celebrity Crowdfunds Surgery

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Marmalade the ginger cat is an Internet Celebrity, with a following of over 63K YouTube Subscribers and 23K Facebook Followers. After x-rays showed a mass in Marmalade’s intestines, emergency surgery was needed to remove it. The mass was unfortunately cancerous and Marmalade also tested positive for FIV which is the likely cause of him becoming sick so early in life. …

Building Social Equity [Crowdfunding Infographic]

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Think of building your online social equity as a series of steps, you can’t get to one without the other. The bigger your social network the more people you have to draw on for contributions to your crowdfunding efforts! Follow this infographic to learn how to reach the crowd and get your campaign to go viral! Share it, pin it, …

Sharing Is Caring! [Crowdfunding Infographic]

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There is no such thing as crowdfunding without the crowd. The not so secret key to success is sharing! Follow this infographic on how to get people talking and raise more money! Share it, pin it, print it, but whatever you do … use it.

Share your campaign from your FundRazr page

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Share your FundRazr as widely as possible to raise more funds. Don’t be shy as sharing is the proven way to reach your goal. Friends want to help. FundRazr’s promotion features make it easy. This post is Part II of IV posts on exciting new FundRazr product features. Sharing on your FundRazr Page You can use the built-in social sharing …